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hello! I am a sound artist focused on the amplification of untold stories. I love sound and the impact it can have on an audience without them knowing. My goal in design is to support the world-building of a play and build a strong collaborative relationship with the rest of the creative team. I work maximally but value the use of silence in a production. I want to question reality. I want to create work that confronts discomfort while providing a safe space for growth. Not only am I a sound designer, but I also freelance as an AV technician and engineer. Although this work can appear less creative at face value, I still respect the art of audio and how it can change an environment and an event's experience. 

Links to Designer Resume and AV Resume


BA Theatre Design and Production

Fordham University


Theatre Design and Production with a Concentration in Sound Design

My BA education incorporated classes in Philosophy, Anthropology, and Digital Media among others, which expands my scope and approach to sound design. 

Training: Clint Ramos, Elizabeth Margid, Lucy Mackinnon, Mark Wendland, Bryce Cutler, Daniel Baker, Danie L. Taylor

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